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About Nextgenn

We started Nextgenn in 2017 to help the end user, we have worked meticulously to building the right system that is scalable for any job we call this the next generation of WiFi.

We dont just sell you a system that will work, we custom build the system to your requirements and provide a system that works, providing WiFi Where you require it most.

Why Choose Nextgenn For your

Wifi Installation

We specialise in designing high end home wifi installation. The modern home has a huge reliance on a solid network infrastructure and outstanding WiFi – client devices such as phones, tablets and laptops all require strong, fast connections, as do more and more infrastructure devices in the home. This can include TVs, Surround Sound amplifiers, distributed audio systems and even thermostats: all need a WiFi connection that is fast and reliable in order to provide a rewarding user experience.

Rock Solid & Powerful WiFi Upgrades for Homes

With the introduction and expansion of Super High Speed & Fibre Optic Broadband now in our homes and offices, you may find you need to share your WiFi Internet access with different computers or devices. We supply & install small or large WiFi Network Systems that will connect your Computers, Media Devices, Smart Phones & Smart TV's to your WiFi Network allowing simultaneous use of your WiFi Internet connection anywhere in your home, garden, office or building.

Outdoor Wifi Specialists

Our Wifi systems work equally well outdoors – covering the largest of gardens and grounds with no dead spots or speed issues. We are experts at extending wifi in to garden offices, outdoor cinemas, even yoga studios. We guarantee great coverage no matter where on your property you are.

Our Available


Our WiFi Installation team are WiFi specialist engineers and can help with any WiFi issues you may have, from poor WiFi signal areas to additional WiFi Installation in locations or parts of your property that do not receive a good WiFi signal. Providing a full range of professional WiFi Services, WiFi Solutions & WiFi Installers for the Home user or Small Business.

From £329


  • Access Points : 01
  • Cabling : Yes*
  • Speed : >867Mbps
  • Range : >122m*

From £659

Large Home

  • Access Points : 02
  • Cabling : Yes*
  • Speed : >1300Mbps
  • Range : >183m*

From £989

Small Company

  • Access Points : 03
  • Cabling : Yes*
  • Speed : >1733Mbps
  • Range : >232m*

How it works

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Get in touch or a quote

When you get in touch for a quote we will send out one of our WiFi Guru's to look at the job to get an accurate analysis of whats needed.


Our Fitters Install the network

Our Fitters will then attend site to install the equipment, this can be done in or out of hours depending on your requirements.


Final Setup and Handover

We then bring the network online, configure the network to your preferences and hand over the network, but dont worry we do offer support packages for ongoing support.


Business-grade access points

Create a robust wireless network with business-centric access points that mitigate external interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi networks and provide crucial security, manageability, load management and remote deployment.

Smarter spaces for a mobile workforce

The BYOD trend means an increasing number of devices is putting strain on businesses' existing Wi-Fi networks. Create smarter and more efficient workspaces - intelligent meeting rooms, location services and real-time monitoring - to solve your BYOD challenges.

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