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Network Cable Installation

Data cabling is one of the most important parts of any IT setup and the area that can make or break a network. It is also often the hardest part of an IT setup to change should an organisation outgrow its cabling or should cabling prove unfit for purpose.

Data cabling projects therefore need to be planned and implemented carefully, not only to achieve success but to ensure flexibility for future growth. This is where you can benefit from our skills and expertise.


Structured data cabling is the wiring system used to transmit data, video and voice information from office-to-office or within a building. It’s key for the following reasons:

100% of company data travels across cables at some stage.

Around three quarters of network faults are caused by cables, mostly due to incorrect installation.

Cable network is a small percentage of IT cost, but plays a critical role. Under-investment can lead to poor IT performance (e.g. slow data transfer and other network failures).

A standardised structured cabling system can reduce the overall cost of the network infrastructure.

Data cabling is a contributing factor to the value of a business space. A location with no or poorly implemented cabling will prove a costly prospect to a new tenant and potentially less desirable.

Why Choose Nextgenn For your

Network Cable Installation

Nextgenn delivers professional structured data cabling solutions that use the best quality materials to ensure longevity. Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of cabling. They’re also qualified to complete works at high levels using equipment such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers.

100% of company data travels across cables at some stage.

We can efficiently run network cabling from your router to weak signal areas in your property. With network sockets in place, you can either plug directly into the network for the ultimate in speed, or even install a wireless access point at the new socket to add the convenience of wi-fi in places that had none before.

Trusted Structured Data Cabling Services for Local business.

Our experienced Network Cabling professionals undertake projects of all types and sizes, from single office spaces to challenging multi-tenant building installations. In addition to our design and installation services, we also provide solitary and annual maintenance visits.

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